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7 things that make Carleton Place a wonderful place to live

Canada is one of the most popular relocation destinations in America. And who can blame them! The country has inviting people, beautiful nature and a lot of fun activities. In addition, it has universal healthcare, great job opportunities, and excellent education options. If you were to move to Canada, your quality of life would increase. Since Canada is so great, there are incredible places to move to, making picking a city challenging. Joel Real Estate thinks you should consider Carleton Place in East Ontario. We will tell you about 7 things that make Carleton Place a wonderful place to live

Facts about Carleton Place 

Carleton Place is a town in eastern Ontario with 12,000 people. The town was settled at the beginning of the 19th century by the British. The first people to come to the area were the Morphys and Moores. The Morphy family saw potential in the area and opened a wood mill there. Wood industries brought most of the money to the town. Later on, Brockville and Ottawa Railway enabled the growth of Carleton Place. The people of Carleton Place abended the wood industry and remodeled the old mill buildings into housing. Now let’s move on to why you should live in Carleton Place, and if you decide to relocate there, learn how to save money when buying a house

Community makes Carleton Place a wonderful place to live

The first reason you will love living in Carleton Place is the community. Carleton Place is the definition of a small town. With only 12,000 residents, everybody knows everybody in Carleton Place. People usually try to avoid small towns because of fear they will not have many things to do. While Carleton Place can not compare to Toronto when it comes to activities, you get other benefits: 

  • First, the peace makes Carleton Place an amazing place to live. You will not have to worry about the clamor of cars;
  • Second, there is no rush. You can reach anything fast in Carleton Place; 
  • Finally, you will feel welcome. The most challenging part of any move is the fact that you do not know anybody. In Carleton Place, you will not struggle to meet people because the locals are welcoming and friendly. 
man sitting near a table relaxing, the relaxing atmosphere is what makes  Carleton Place a wonderful place to live
Since Carleton Place is a small place you will not have a hard time relaxing.

So if you would like to live in a tight-knit community, local skilled assistance is near to help you move into Carleton Place. They know Carleton Place like the back of their hand and will get you into your new place problem-free. 

Carleton Place is a safe place to live

The most significant thing when choosing a place to live is safety. You should feel comfortable in your home and when walking down the street. Well, Carleton Place is one of the safest towns in Canada, and if you do not believe us, let’s look at the statistic. Overall, crime rates in Carleton Place are 14% lower than the national average. There are 11% fewer violent crimes in the town, and it is safer than 65% of cities in Canada. In addition, you will not have to worry about crime rates in the future because crime increases only by 1% each year in Carlton Place. 

security cameras
No need for extra security makes Carleton Place a wonderful place to live.

The low cost of living makes Carleton Place highly desirable

What makes your life comfortable no matter where you live is that you do not have to worry about money. If you move to Carlton, you can say goodbye to your money problems. Ona average, it is 14% less expensive to live in Carlton than in an average town in Canada. So if you want to lower your living expenses, come to Carlton with the help of movers. Finding a reliable moving company can be near impossible. There are too many factors to worry about. To make it easier, check out Professional Movers Ottawa or continue researching.

Affordable housing makes Carleton Place a wonderful place to live

The fourth thing that makes Carleton Place inviting to people is affordable housing. Whether you are renting or buying a place in Carleton Place, you will pay, on average, 50% less than the national average. So if you want to make a sound financial decision, you should buy a home in Carleton Place to do it correctly, learn how to buy a home in Canada

You are close to Ottawa 

If you moved to Carleton Place, you would not be bound to the town. You will only have to drive 40 minutes to reach the capital Ottawa. Since you are so close to Ottawa, you can get all the benefits of the big city. The nightlife, art and culture, and job opportunities, but when the dame comes to an end, you can return to the quiet Carleton Place.  

The city has reliable education options 

The sixth reason you will have a great life in Carleton Place is the education options. Schools in Carleton Place are rated high, so if you have kids, you will not have to worry about their education. The best school in town is the Carleton Place High School. 

Outdoor activities make Carleton Place a wonderful place to live

The final reason you will love living in Carleton Place is the outdoor activities. Depending on what mood you are in, Carleton Place has plenty of options. If you want to go and relax in the park, go to Riverside Park, Centennial Park, or Mom Wins. But what makes outdoor activities unique in the town is the Canadian Mississippi River. Carleton Place is right on the Mississippi River, and down the road, there is the Mississippi Lake

brown pathway in a park
Come to Carleton Place because of the parks and Mississippi Lake.


These are the 7 things that make Carleton Place a wonderful place to live in our opinion. But you will discover more about Carleton Place when you relocate and see its full potential.

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