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6 reasons why you should make New Braunfels your home

New Braunfels is a small town located in Texas. This town is rich with German culture and is also well-known for its yearly Wurstfest. Visit the astonishing waterparks, museums, lakes or rivers. New Braunfels has nice shops, as well as wonderful restaurants. One of the biggest reasons to make New Braunfels your home is the Comal River and the Guadalupe River. The Comal River is especially popular because of the tube chute. Schlitterbahn is a huge must-see waterpark. In fact, it is so big most people take the bus to travel from one side to the other. The wholesome ambiance of this little town is one of the reasons you should move here.

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The culture is one of the reasons to make New Braunfels your home

Proud of its German heritage, New Braunfels has many marvelous museums. In the Gruene Historic District, imaginative artists have done so many beautiful pictures. This modest area is filled with distinguished restaurants, and the barbecue is amazing. Buildings here are of a somewhat older style. Furthermore, you will find many charming views of the river. The Sophienburg Museum will give you an excellent look into the life of the early settlers. Additionally, you will find many 19th century artifacts that the German immigrants brought here. Another reason to say yes when moving to a town in Texas is because of the many affordable places you can find here.


Wurstfest is a yearly festival with delicious food and delightful cold beer. An excellent example of the mouthwatering food is the very spicy jalapeno sausage on a stick. Additionally, you will hear lots of German music. Most people dress in German clothing here. Therefore, Wurstfest is a great representation of German culture, and it really does make you feel like you’re in Germany. You can even buy German clothing in nearby shops. The festival grounds are near the Comal River.

Sausages placed in rows on a table.
Wurstfest is a reason to make New Braunfels your home.

Landa Park

New Braunfels has many exquisite attractions and landmarks. One example is the Landa Park in the middle of the town. It is home to various plants and animals. The park has access to the Comal River which actually begins in this very park at the Comal Springs. There are also splendid ponds for the ducks here. Take a walk with many of these archaic trees acting as your cover and just enjoy nature. It is also a fun place for children as it has many playgrounds. If you are coming to New Braunfels alone, then you can go to this park with your neighbors and form new friendships.

A road in between very tall trees.
Nature here is why you should make New Braunfels your home.

The food is why you should make New Braunfels your home

There is a considerable amount of great and affordable restaurants here in New Braunfels. Adobe Cafe is a tidy restaurant with exemplary service. The Mexican food is amazing, some of the best being the tortilla soup, enchilada and taco salad. Aside from Adobe Cafe, Gristmill is an amazing restaurant with a view of the river. The burgers here are some of the finest ones you will find. For dessert, you can have a luscious turtle cheesecake. The restaurant used to be a mill and every room has a fireplace. It is like a trip back in time. If you’re renting an apartment near one of these restaurants you have to check them out.

A plate of tortillas on a table are a good reason to make New Braunfels your home.
The amazing Mexican food is a reason to make New Braunfels your home.

The community

Even though there are many beautiful luxury neighborhoods here and it is one of the fastest-growing cities in America, this is a laid back town. The people are very friendly and connected as a community. They are also very hardworking, much like the first settlers of New Braunfels. Many people partake in farming every day. In fact, in the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo, there are goats, pigs, sheep and so on which many visitors feed themselves. To emphasize the farmlike atmosphere, even more, the chickens and ducks are free to move as they please and you are bound to encounter dozens of them. When the peacocks gracefully spread their tails, which they do all the time, it is an absolutely beautiful sight to see. You can really get to know a little bit about how the farm life is around here, and a lot about the people.

Canyon Lake is a reason to make New Braunfels your home

Calming and wonderful, this lake is a good place to enjoy the countryside scenery. The atmosphere is relaxing and the water is pure. It’s great for a quiet read under a juniper. If you’re hungry, you can visit the Windflower restaurant. Furthermore, you can go camping here or go fishing in the limestone lake. Waterskiing is lots of fun too. However, you should be wary as no matter what time of the year it is, the water is going to be cold. The dam is huge and you are allowed to walk on it. You can see the entirety of the lake from up there. Moreover, it is a great place to watch the sunset. You will probably encounter a deer, a squirrel or some other form of wildlife. Overall, a peaceful place to collect your thoughts.

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