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6 reasons to buy your first home in Olney, MD

If you want to purchase your first house, Maryland is a good choice. But what is the ideal location for your first house in Maryland? Well, Joel Real Estate believes you should choose Olney as your new place of residence. To explain why we think that, we have 6 reasons to buy your first home in Olney, MD.

General facts about Olney 

Before we get into why to purchase a home in Olney, let’s learn something about the town. 

Olney is a census-designated place in Montgomery County – 35.000 people live there, according to the 2020 census. The town’s community is relatively diverse. 65% are white, 11% are African-American, 12% are Asian, 9% are Hispanic or Latino, and other minorities. If you are looking to buy a home in Olney, you know that you will be accepted. To be a part of this diverse community, you need to move there. And to relocate to Olney, experienced neighbors can help you move into your house. They know the Olney area well and can get you into your first-home stress-free. 

People in Olney are well educated because 64% of the population has a bachelor’s degree. The median age in Olney is 42 years old, whit females being older than males. Most people in Olney own their homes, about 88% to be precise.

And if you want to be another homeowner in Olney, make sure to make a reasonable offer on a home. You will need to make a good offer because houses are a little more expensive than the average in Maryland. The median home cost in Maryland is 361,900 dollars, while in Olney is 560,200 dollars. Let’s move on to the reasons you should get your first place in Olney. 

Buy your first home in Olney, MD because it is family-friendly

The first reason you should buy your house in Olney is that it is family-friendly. Since you want to buy a home, you want to settle down in Olney. When people decide to settle down, kids will come at some point. So you and your kids should live in a place where there are a lot of families because it will make lives easier for you. In Olney, 70% of the population is married, so you will be around many families. Here are the benefits of living in a family-friendly place. 

  • First, if you buy your first home in Olney, MD other people with kids can help you if you do not know how to handle the problems that come with parenthood. 
  • Second, when your kids grow up, they can play with other kids in the neighborhood. So buy a home in Olney, but before you do, learn about the fees of buying a house
A family of four, learn why to buy your first home in Olney, MD
Buy a home in Olney because you will feel more comfortable in a family-friendly place.

Buy your first home in Olney, MD because it is close to Washington DC

The second reason to come to Olney is the proximity to Washington DC. Olney is only 18-miles away, and you can reach it under 30 minutes if you drive. If you do not have a car, you can go by subway or a bus, but it will take longer. By being close to Washington DC, you can get all the benefits of job opportunities, fun activities, and higher salaries. In addition, it’s less expensive and calmer to live in Olney than it is to live in Washington DC. So if you want the best of the big city and the charming small town, relocate to this great place. And if you can not find movers to relocate you there, we can recommend Helix Transfer & Storage to help you. But if they do not meet your needs, explore other movers in Maryland. 

Washington Monument
Washington DC can offer you a lot, so you should have a home in Olney to get all the benefits.

Olney has highly rated schools

The third reason to purchase a house in Olney is because of the school system. Olney is under the Montgomery County Public School, and the town has exceptional elementary, middle, and high school education. Your child will have a reliable education up until high school and when it is time to go to college Washington DC is not that far away. 

People in Olney earn above average 

The fourth reason to get a home in Olney is if you want to earn more money. Since you are buying a house, you should make more money to keep up with the mortgage payments. In Olney, you will not struggle to find a job. In addition, you will earn more than the average American. The income per capita in Olney is 53,417-dollars, while the average in America is 31.177-dollars. The median household income is 136,786-dollars, and the average in America is 57,652-dollars. And if you can not find a job in Olney, Washington DC is close. 

person holding 100 dollar bills
Buy your first home in Olney, MD because you will earn above average.

Purchase your first home in Olney because there are a lot of recreational activities 

If you are looking to stay active in Olney, you will not find it hard because the town has a lot of parks where you can spend time outside. People with kids will not be left out because there are many playgrounds and playing fields. Here are some o the most popular parks in Olney. 

  • Olney Manor Recreational Park – there you can play volleyball, basketball, tennis, and other sport. The park has a playground for kids and a dog-friendly area. 
  • Southeast Olney Local Park – there you can play on the soccer fields. Or rest in gazebos after a walk. 

Make a purchase in Olney because the place is safe

The final reason to get a place in Olney is safety. In addition to being family-friendly, the town is very safe. Violent crime numbers and property crime numbers are below average. You will not feel unsafe in your new home and while walking the streets of Olney.

Come to Olney 

These were the 6 reasons to buy your first home in Olney, MD. We hope they convince you to choose Olney as your new home and help you realize the charms of this wonderful place!

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