5 things about Mt. Vernon, VA even locals don’t know

Mount Vernon is a very nice place in Virginia. It is located in Fairfax County and it is very significant in history. Moreover, this place is very beautiful and many people are visiting it each year, while some of them even choose it for their new home. Here, in this article, you will be able to find five things about Mt Vernon in Virginia that even locals are not familiar with.

Electricity in Mt Vernon mansion

The first thing that we will mention is the electricity in the Mt Vernon mansion. Thomas Edison was the person who installed electricity there, and even some people who live in the surroundings do not know this fact. In case you want to relocate somewhere in Mount Vernon, then you should definitely start organizing your relocation process in advance. Moreover, it will be very useful to hire a realtor to find you a new home in the area for a true professional has the ability to make the whole process of searching for a perfect house much easier.

If you want to move to Mt Vernon in Virginia

Furthermore, if you want to relocate to Mount Vernon in Virginia, you need to look for professional help. So, if you decide to settle in here the best will be to hire the local movers for they will surely be able to help you in the best possible way. Local companies have to offer excellent services like storage, packing, commercial and residential moving, and many others.

A box.
Hire local movers when moving to Mt Vernon with your family for they have great services to offer.

How many presidents have visited this place is one of the things about Mt Vernon that even locals do not know

The second thing that not many people know about Mount Vernon including the locals is the number of presidents of the United States who have visited this place. Since this was George Washington’s home, many of them were very interested in it. According to certain sources, there were most probably twenty-seven presidents who were here, if not more. Some of them were John F. Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. And, this is not the only important thing to mention, because many first ladies of the United States showed interest. Some of them are Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Melania Trump, Laura Bush, and many others. As you can see, this is a very important place and if you are interested in buying a house here you must act smartly.

Be very careful when choosing a moving company for your relocation to Mt Vernon

Moreover, when choosing a moving company to help you relocate to Mt Vernon, you must be careful. Moving with your loved ones here is not a small thing. This requires hiring true experts with experience who are reliable. We strongly advise you to check out fairfaxtransfer.com. This moving company is one of the most successful in the area, and it is also among the oldest.

A laptop.
Find a reliable moving company on the internet for your family relocation to Mt Vernon.

One of the things about Mt Vernon is that it was very profitable as well

The third thing about Mount Vernon that not all the locals are familiar with is that it is a very profitable place. This stands for the estate of George Washington, but also for the area for it has to offer many opportunities to all who choose to move there. If you choose to move here with your whole family, we advise you to try to be perfectly organized. This means creating different lists of all your possessions and items that you want to bring with you. Many people tend to forget to put some things on the paper like Christmas decor. Surely, you want to prepare and pack your holiday decorations for transport on time. So, do not forget to write down this task in your planner as well.

Martha and George Washington resting place

The fourth thing that we will mention is not something all people who live in the area know. The final resting place of Martha and George Washington is the New Tomb at Mount Vernon. This was actually the president’s will and today all visitors can see two marble sarcophagi. If you want to move somewhere in the Mt Vernon area, you should not use brand-new packing supplies. Make sure to take care of your surroundings and reuse the boxes and other items that you already have.

One of the things about Mt Vernon you should know is that George and Martha Washington's resting place is located there.
Martha and George Washington’s resting place is in the mansion in Mt Vernon which is something that not all people who live in the area know.

Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association

The fifth thing that we will mention is Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. In 1850s John Augustine Washington the Third was the owner of the mansion. The association bought the real estate in 1858. This is something not many people who live in the area are familiar with, and if you want to move to Mount Vernon, it is nice to know some more information like this.


Finally, to sum up, there are five things about Mt Vernon that even the locals are not familiar with. First, Thomas Edison was the person who installed electricity in George Washington’s mansion. Second, many presidents of the United States and first ladies were visiting this place during the years. Third, the locals are not aware of how profitable was Washington’s estate. Fourth, the New Town of Mount Vernon is the final resting place of Martha and George Washington and this fact attracts many tourists. And, finally, the fifth thing is that Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association bought George Washington’s mansion in 1858. All of these interesting facts show how historically important the whole area is and how it attracts so many people each year to visit it, or even move with their loved ones.

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