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5 items that are prohibited in shipping containers

If you are wondering if there are some items that are prohibited in shipping containers we are here to tell you – YES! Of course, every moving company is different and so are their rules but some things are pretty universal so it’s up to us to show you what you shouldn’t pack for your upcoming relocation. This is for safety purposes of course.

5 items that are strictly prohibited in shipping containers

  1. Acids
  2. Paint thinner
  3. Matches
  4. Loaded guns
  5. Gasoline

No matter the company, this is something that no one will transport. The reasons are obvious – it’s not safe and movers like to guarantee safety when you hire them.

A gun and bullets as some of the itmes taht are prohibited in shipping containers
No one will accept a loaded gun.

Ways around it

Of course, there are ways around it. If you are a gun owner all you need to do is pack your weapons safely. Most movers have about it, so simply ask them before hiring them. Talk about how you can do this and they will gladly explain their rules and details on how you can proceed. It’s mostly a matter of logistics. Some companies will charge extra for guns. So make sure that you are on the same page when it comes to pricing before you relocate.

Some other things that can be prohibited in shipping containers depending on movers

Here is a list of all the things you should reconsider when packing for shipping containers and your relocation of course:

  • nail polish remover
  • fire extingishers can be prohibited as well
  • ammonia
  • fresh produce
  • parishable food like milk, butter and such
  • opened beverages
  • ice cream
  • ammunition
  • some medications (depending on where you are relocating to)
  • pesticides
  • motor oil
  • some plants and seeds (agan depending on location)

Expansive items can also be prohibited in shipping containers

In some cases, very expansive items will be prohibited in shipping containers if the movers can not guarantee safety and the value is something they can not match. We are talking about some expansive jewelry, art, furs, and similar items. But there are movers who can deal specifically with those items so it’s all a matter of finding the right movers to help you relocate all your valuables.

A pearl necklace
Jewelry can be problematic for transportation. But there are movers who specialize in valuable-items transportation. They use specialized safes for this.

The only way to know for sure

The only way to know for sure what is prohibited and what is not is by asking movers before you start anything. They will easily explain what is ok with them and what is not and then you can decide on your own how you want to proceed. Some things like nail polish remover are easy to leave behind and simply buy a new one when you relocate. Others are not so easily replaceable so you need to think this through.

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