Things to consider when downsizing.

3 things to consider when downsizing

Whether you are moving into a smaller home or just trying to live the ‘less is more‘ kind of lifestyle, downsizing is a good idea. Less stuff means less debt, less maintenance, and less worry. So, don’t even think twice when it comes to getting rid of material things. However, keep in mind that this process isn’t just about letting some of your personal items hit the bin, no! Namely, there are certain things to consider when downsizing. And, today, we will share those things with you. So, keep on reading to see how to make downsizing right.

1. Some of Your Items Can Make Your Friends Really Happy

One of the things to consider when downsizing is that some of your items can make your friends (or family members, or even neighbors or colleagues) really happy. So, instead of throwing them in the bin, ask the people around you if they want some of the items you no longer use.

This will help you bond with your friends, and who knows, maybe it will help you organize your first relocation. Be sure that after gifting some of your items, your friends will be more than happy to help you do all those moving-related tasks.

Two people carrying a rug - things to consider when downsizing.
Remember that your friends are there to help you both downsize and move.

2. Selling Your Items Can Earn You a lot of Money

We all need money. And sometimes, the easiest way to earn that money is by selling things around the house. Of course, those should be the things you are not using and the thing you don’t plan on using. So, gather all those things, take a picture of them, set their price, and post them online. You can advertise them on Craigslist, on social media, or in your local newspaper. Or, you can also consider organizing a yard sale. This event usually attracts a lot of people looking for household knick-knacks.

However, be careful when doing this – that is, be careful when selling your belongings. Avoid potential mistakes and talk to your household members before you start downsizing and selling. Trust us, you don’t want to sell your child’s favorite toy or your partner’s favorite shoes.

A person counting money.
Selling your unwanted items can earn you a lot of cash – one of the things to consider when downsizing.

3. Donating Is Noble

There is nothing as noble as helping people in need. Thus, when downsizing, consider whether there are some things you can give to a charitable organization. Those can be clothing items you no longer wear, pieces of furniture that made dealing with a lack of in-house storage difficult, etc. So, go to your local charity, or any charity in your city, and ask if they need some of your items. If they do, clean them thoroughly and ask the people from the charitable organization to come and pick them up.

These are the three most important things to consider when downsizing, so be sure to give them a go the next time you decide to declutter your home. These will all help you save time, energy, and money. And, these will all help you feel good about yourself.

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