Property investment goals setting- The most important thing when investing in real estate

Property investment goals setting

What is the first thing that occupies your mind when you own a certain amount of money? Where to spend it! Well, the smarter people say where to invest it. […]

Step by step to buying a home- Consider every little thing before you actually invest in a real estate

Step by step to buying a home

You found yourself in a situation of being able or forced to purchase a real estate. It doesn’t matter if it is your first home, or you are exceeding your property. […]

Housing scams are everzwhere, watch out!

Housing scams

The matter of purchasing a property is very delicate. For both sides included in the trade. Therefore, regardless of the side you are at, be careful. There are more and more […]

Top places to buy a home in Europe- Part I

In case you are considering buying a property to diversify your portfolio, we suggest investing in a home in Europe! There are many reasons for that of which we are […]


-Basics about real estate-

Terminology The most important terms about real estate industry Joel Real Estate team consists of scientists from and somehow connected to the real estate business, and employees striving to connect […]