Rental real estate investments makes you money!

Should you invest in a rental real estate?

Investing in any kind of real estate is a good decision. It doesn’t matter if the value of the property might go down short-term. Long-term it will certainly grow. It only depends on how long you’re ready to wait until you make the profit. In case you’ve got a successful business, you may risk to […]

Property investment goals setting- The most important thing when investing in real estate

Property investment goals setting

What is the first thing that occupies your mind when you own a certain amount of money? Where to spend it! Well, the smarter people say where to invest it. And, they are completely right to have that kind of attitude! Because, when it comes to money, you need to have a full control. Meaning […]

The best USA real estate investment opportunities for 2017

Best USA real estate investment opportunities for 2017

The year of 2017 has come! So, we want to stay in touch with the best real estate opportunities at any moment. Therefore, we did a research on where to invest in property this year. We considered various factors. Also, we thoroughly researched everything and came out with the solutions. So, in case you are […]

Step by step to buying a home- Consider every little thing before you actually invest in a real estate

Step by step to buying a home

You found yourself in a situation of being able or forced to purchase a real estate. It doesn’t matter if it is your first home, or you are exceeding your property. What does matter is- to be careful, thoughtful and wise. You don’t rush in such an investment. The most important thing is to consider different options. […]

Top places to invest in property- around the world

Top places to invest in property around the world

It is not a too good situation for property investments in Europe and in the USA. Europe is surviving Euro depreciation and the US deficit is measured in trillions. That’s why it is hard to decide to invest in real estate there. Not that there are no opportunities. We previously discussed where it is good to […]

Housing scams are everzwhere, watch out!

Housing scams

The matter of purchasing a property is very delicate. For both sides included in the trade. Therefore, regardless of the side you are at, be careful. There are more and more real estate scams. Not only connected to buying, but also to renting the realty. Being that Joel real estate team is very long in this […]

Choose wisely where to purchase real estate in Europe

Top places to purchase real estate in Europe- Part II

The discussion about where to purchase real estate in Europe continues, as we promised! After you read our previous article- Where to buy a home in Europe- Part I, we are back! We are suggesting you today the most various cities in Europe! You will meet cities from Eastern Europe, across the middle Europe, to […]

Top places to buy a home in Europe- Part I

In case you are considering buying a property to diversify your portfolio, we suggest investing in a home in Europe! There are many reasons for that of which we are going to mention only some. The purchasing power of a dollar in Europe is stronger than it was ever in last decade. The main reason […]


-Basics about real estate-

Terminology The most important terms about real estate industry Joel Real Estate team consists of scientists from and somehow connected to the real estate business, and employees striving to connect people getting into this business, people already in it, and the different kind of information that might be needed for them to conduct it. We […]