Find a pet-friendly rental home

Find a pet-friendly rental home

Moving is never easy, but moving with your pet brings a lot of issues. Finding a pet-friendly rental home is the biggest one of all. That’s not an easy task. […]

There are plenty of affordable homes in Los Angeles.

Affordable homes in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is your dream city. It is the city full of actors, opportunities, beautiful people…and sadly, the city with expensive houses too because it is one the most popular […]

Downtown vs. Suburbia - which is best for you

Downtown vs. Suburbia-which is best for you

The contrast between the city life in the USA and it’s counterpart-suburbia is stark! Question “downtown vs. suburbia-which is best for you?”, comes naturally to anyone who is starting a […]

Brownstone houses in Brooklyn.

Reasons to invest in Brooklyn real estate

Investing in a real estate is always a smart move. There is almost zero chance that your money will go to waste, unlike with all the other investment types. And when […]